Dear Parents,

Most of us wanted almost the same basic things for our children.

We want them to be safe, happy, meet great friends, stay positive, being passionate to learn things about themselves, about the world around them, and to have the best possible future beyond childhood lives.
In addition, we may expect them to learn a new language, enjoy creative arts, lead a team in sports field, understand complex scientific knowledge, good grasps of mathematics, inspire to be young writers…
To achieve this, schools play an important role in shaping our children and leading them towards the optimistic future,and it’s not surprising when it comes to the next question, which school?what activities to participate?

With the growing numbers of relocation families and global travelers leaving their hometown, arriving in new cities like me, we are all faced with the mind-boggling choice of international schools for our children’s new learning environment, after school activities to balance on their growing life, insurance and medical services for the whole family, as well as essential day to day chores on family lifestyle, and perhaps volunteering effort in charity support on Giving.

It is an extremely time-consuming and hectic process to go thru’ all websites, understand about school’s core values, philosophy of learning, strength in academics, sports, curriculums, extensive activities, community services offered, ESOL, support developments, school fees, state-of-the-art facilities, admission policy, activities within close proximity…and so on..

I’ve been thru’ all and thought to myself, why don’t we summarize the main concerns of parents and make it easier for us to make the right choice?

Hence, we created ISL-International School & Lifestyle

Living abroad will no longer be as difficult as you imagine with our mobile

Simply login to find your relevant search at finger tips without spending much of your time and everything is made easier with us!

ISL contain all essential categories that a family need when relocating to a new city.

Answers to all that you are looking for can be found in a one page summarize content for easy viewing and comparison purposes.

We simply want to help and make it an enjoyable experience.

Sincerely from,
Sheena Lim
ISL - International School and Lifestyle