Stress-free move? Here’s how!


When you hear and think about moving, there will come out some anxiety and stress. However, if you can find a reliable and responsible mover, they can make your move easy and stress-free, thus, making your moving day a smooth and pleasant one.


Hermes Relocation is the company which can make your moving process different. Here are some tips from Hermes Relocation on how to make ourselves well-prepared before moving:

  1. Arrange the time schedule and let your movers know it. Then the movers can help you to arrange according to your time table for a proper and smooth process. The minimum time we need to prepare before the removal is 7 days for a local move, 10-12 days for a domestic move, 15-20 days for an international move.
  2. Inform the moving supervisor of the list of items needed to move, he/she will make a mark to separate the moving ones and staying ones. Show the surveyor what you want to take away on the survey day (this is the base of giving out a quote) and show the supervisor of the moving day again what you want to take with you (to make sure nothing will be take wrong and left behind). In many company, the surveyor and the supervisor are different people from different apartments. However in our company, the whole process will be held by the same person from beginning to the end.
  3. If you have fragile ones, just leave them as they are, the mover’s packer will help you pack properly. When the packers come, they will pack and classify all of them professionally. No need for you to pack your things by yourself. However, if you want to pack some of your clothes, you can do it freely.
  4. Prepare all the documents according to our moving requirements, such as original passport and copy, working permit original and copy, customs documents, insurance forms and so on.
  5. Inform your property management office of the packing/moving date and the arrival time of truck at the origin and destination on that date/ day. Secure a parking permit from them as well, so movers can go in without any problems. If the home origin is China, a permit is needed when the movers take the good out of the compound. Different places have different rules so better to double-check with your property management office.
  6. Collect all of your valuable goods like watches, jewelries, wallet, cash, electronics such as cellphone, iPad and so on.
  7. Set aside the items that you will still need after the moving such as clothes, baby items, keys and so on.


Hermes Relocation looks forward to ensuring that your move will be as smooth as the wings of Hermes!

Please send email to: helpdesk@fireworkz.com.sg or call our hotline:021-5030-1900 for inquiries.


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