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Why not host a Little M Home Music Party?


Why not host a Little M Home Music Party? Enjoy a Little M Music Class in the comfort of your living room and get the class for free!

We will come to your home and bring along our songs, instruments, music system…all you have to do is supply the venue, the guests, and the refreshments.

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It’s a fun and relaxing way to have your child enjoy music with her / his friends while you also get a chance to catch up with friends, and perhaps even make new ones.

There’s no fee to host a Home Music Party. The only thing we ask is that there is a minimum of 6 children and a maximum of 12 children and that each of your guest pays the fee of 75 RMB per child in advance.

If guests decide to buy 5-10-20 weeks cards with Little M at your party, then as the host you also get rewarded. The more cards are sold, the bigger the reward. You can also take orders from people who cannot attend the party in person. Before you host the party, we can discuss with you how to maximize your rewards.

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Your Little M Home Music Party can be as quiet or as quirky as you wish: We can have a music session with more classical music, more monkey jumping and dancing or everyone dressed up like rabbits, you name it! The key word is for you and your guests to have fun while discovering what Little M has to offer in your neighborhood.

Each guest can only participate once at a Little M Home Music Party, but you can host as many parties as you wish as long as you always bring in new guests. The host may be an existing Little M Client but the guests may not.

Please contact us directly for more infos about available time slots and to confirm if this offer is available for your area.


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Many children play classical songs on the piano, just banging along, not feeling where the melody is asking a question or giving an answer, not feeling where it is happy or angry or sad…

This gave the founder of Little M a motivation to develop her own piano method andto create her Kids Music Academy in China. As the daughter of an opera singer from Berlin, she learned how to play instruments such as the piano, the flute, the oboe, the organ, the violin from a very young age. Maia Wiest won youth competitions (Jugend Musiziert) in Germany with the flute and the oboe. She played in various youth orchestras that travelled across Europe. She studied music at the HdK in Berlin (Hochschule der Kuenste) with the main subjects being Piano, Oboe, Composing and Music Education. Two of her musicals, for which she wrote the music and co-wrote the script, were performed in theatres in Berlin, Germany and Havana, Cuba.

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