How to make T-Shirt headband

Christmas is just round the corner and you can feel it in the air!
Spread the holiday cheer with a little cute handmade Christmas hair band craft for every kiddo in the neighborhood!
Here’s how:

Turn your kiddos’ old T-shirt into treasure by teaching your child to recycle, reuse and reduce!

Cut the T-shirt into 5-strips and sew the end of it or you can use a hot glue gun to glue them together.

Start the pleat as shown here or you can use your own pleating style.

Keep going till it’s 30 cm long or adjust it to fit the size of your little princess.

Sew the ends together or glue them well. Finish the touch with a small piece of cloth to wrap at the joint.

Look at the beautiful handmade creation and start enjoying the craft with your little ones now, give it a try!


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